MyFunRun Rewards Program

The optional MyFunRun rewards program is a great way to motivate students to raise as much money as possible. Everything is tracked in your dashboard where reports tell you what rewards the students have selected from the rewards store. A shipment will be made to you after the event and all you have to do is distribute the rewards to the students. The rewards are based on how much the students have raised online and offline. The offline amounts are based on what has been entered through the dashboard.
MyFunRun Rewards

All particpants Receive
the Friendship Bracelets
MyFunRun Rewards Bracelets
All students who participate in the fundraising event will receive a friendship bracelet even if they do not raise anything. Students that reach various donation levels $25, $50, $100 will receive rewards that are available on that level. Students can see what they can choose from their student resource center which they can get to from a link at the bottom of their student page. Students are eligible for the rewards on all the levels reached. For example a student who raises $150 will receive rewards from the $25, $50 and $100 levels.

The rewards program costs 5% of the total fundraising (online and offline). For example if there is $15,000 raised ($10,000 online and $5000 offline) the cost of the rewards program is $750. This amount will go to fund all of the rewards that the students receive and the complimentary friendship bracelet for all participants. Delivery is included, so all you have to do is distribute the rewards according to the report in your dashboard.