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Step By Step Guide

Custom Fun Run Website

Fundraising Page For Each Student

All The Materials You Need

Built In Rewards Program

3 More Ways To Raise More Money

Dedicated Fun Run Expert

Healthy Content To Educate Students

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  • In less than two weeks, we have raised over $10,000!
    What an incredible day and what a phenomenal achievement!
    We will definitely do MyFunRun again next year.
    I love how easy this is for us to run. Thank you!!!
  • I'm really in love with the concept of personal fundraising pages.
    We were able to raise more money than ever before. was an essential component in our school's fundraiser.
    Thank you again for helping us meet our first year goal.

Pricing - Fall Promotion!

Set Up Fee
Comes out of the funds raised
Service Fees
Percentage of funds raised online only!
$300 10%


$10,000 fundraiser ( $5,000 raised online, and $5000 offline)

MyFunRun fees are:
$300 set up.
10% of the $5000 raised online = $500

Total = $800 out of a total fundraiser of $10,000 (8%)

MyFunRun Options Available

Options Available

  • Student packets are available online and can be printed by the school or sent home digitally.

  • Option to have MyFunRun print and deliver student kits to the school is $2.00 per kit.

  • Rewards program is optional and can be customized with the school.